Course Credit Options

The IFP Course Selection Form outlines our course options and expectations. Once you apply to IFP, please consult with your academic advisor and submit this form in addition to your application.

The UGA IFP is open to students from all majors at any point in their academic careers. Students attending other colleges are encouraged to apply as well as high school seniors who will be entering a university in the fall semester.  There are no pre-requisites, and we assume no prior knowledge of the subject matter other than normal high school coursework.  You do not need to be in the Honors Program, however students signing up for our introductory level courses will receive Honors credit.

Most students participating in IFP will receive credit for the following courses (11-15 hours total):
  • ANTH 2120H. 3 hours. Introduction to Anthropology (Honors)
  • ECOL 1000H. 3 hours. Ecological Basis of Environmental Issues (Honors)
  • ECOL 1000L. 1 hour. Ecological Basis of Environmental Issues Laboratory
  • GEOL 2350H. 4 hours. Physical Geology (Honors) and/or GEOL 2360H. 4 hours. Historical Geology (Honors)
The science courses above are equivalent to non-Honors courses and satisfy university General Education Core Curriculum requirements in Physical Sciences (GEOL), Life Sciences (ECOL), and World Languages & Culture/Social Sciences (ANTH). Any of the courses will also fulfill the Environmental Literacy Requirement.  The ANTH course fulfills the Cultural Diversity Requirement for most UGA schools/colleges. Finally, the IFP can serve as your required Experiential Learning experience. (Click here for more info on these university-wide degree requirements.)


For students who already have intro-level credit, the following upper level courses are available to substitute accordingly:
  • ANTH 4020. 3 hours. Indians of North America
  • ECOL 4160. 4 hours. Ecology of North America
  • GEOL 4330. 3 hours. Geology of North America

Honors option may be available for any of the above (contact the course instructor to discuss this option). Geology Honors directed reading (GEOL 4960H) may also be available to IFP students.

See the UGA Bulletin for full course descriptions. You can also view recent syllabi for the Anthropology, Ecology, and Geology courses we offer.  (Non-UGA students – this information may be useful to determine how your IFP credit will transfer back to your home institution.)


We expect all IFP students to register for one course from each of the disciplines we offer.   If for some reason this won’t work for you, contact us to discuss your credit hour needs.  Be aware that even if you do not register for a full semester course load, we will require you to do the activities and assignments required of all students earning a full semester of credit.


Our Course Selection Form outlines our course options and expectations. Once you apply to IFP, please consult with your academic advisor and submit this form in addition to your application.