Summer transient student application

If you intend to participate in the IFP, but you’re not a current UGA student, you will need to apply to UGA as a summer transient. These steps must be followed before you can register and pay tuition for your IFP classes.  After summer semester, you can transfer the credit back to your home institution. It is your responsibility to determine how our courses will transfer back to your school.

(Note for current applicants to UGA for regular admission: If you have already applied to UGA as a first-year or transfer student for Fall admission, we will need to change your admission to the Summer. Be sure to keep us updated with your current UGA application and admission status.)

The UGA Admissions deadline for transient application is May 15, but we request you submit this application by April 15.

Instructions and application to UGA as a Summer transient/guest student are found at this link:
Materials that will be required to accompany your transient application:
  1. $60 transient application fee
  2. Official transcript or letter of good standing from your home institution
  3. Study Abroad Transient Admission form (SATA) from the IFP
  4. Proof of lawful presence in the U.S.
The basic steps to apply:
  • Start here:
    • Establish a myStatus login account
    • Once logged in, select application type “Study Abroad/Griffin/Tifton”
    • Begin the Offsite Application
    • Select semester Summer
    • Select student type “Study Abroad Transient”
    • Select admission type “Study Abroad”
    • Select the program name or enter “Other” information
    • Proceed with the application and pay the $60 application fee.
  • Arrange for your home institution to send an official transcript or letter of good standing to the UGA Office of Undergraduate Admissions.
  • Contact Julie Cox to provide you with your Study Abroad Transient Admission form (SATA)
  • When logged in, upload your SATA form on the main myStatus page
  • Once you have been accepted to UGA, submit verification of lawful presence to UGA Admissions

You will also need to provide proof of immunizations before you can register for classes.  Please complete steps 1 and 2 on the University Health Center website:

Let us know if you have problems with any of the above.