Program Costs & Deadlines

Program Costs

  • IFP Program Fee:  $4500 covers all transportation, meals (except for days off in town – about 7 days during the trip), camping fees, park/museum entrance fees, and instructional materials (there are no textbooks to buy).
  • Tuition:  This amount can vary depending on the number of hours you sign up for. Currently a full semester at UGA costs $4776 in tuition for Georgia residents. HOPE and Zell Miller scholarship funds will apply normally, as with any semester on campus. Non-residents of Georgia participating in the IFP pay tuition at the in-state rate!
  • University Fees:  These are fees required by UGA. They include the Institutional, Technology, Connect UGA, and Green fees. We expect these fees to total $540-550. Other UGA fees required for classes on campus (such as Health and Transportation fees) can be waived. Check with the Bursar’s Office for current tuition and fee schedules.
  • Pre-trip expenses:  Students must provide some basic camping gear (tent*, sleeping bag, sleeping pad) and outdoor clothing/footwear for a wide range of temperatures and conditions. See our full list of required and recommended gear. Most students have to purchase at least some equipment and clothing prior to the IFP. Many items can be borrowed or bought used to save on trip expenses.  *IFP now provides individual tents for students to borrow for the summer. This is an option if you do not want to acquire your own.
  • Living expenses during the trip:  There is very little need to spend money during the trip. There is about one day off per week in which students purchase their own meals in town (about 7 days total during the trip). We make occasional shopping stops for students to replace toiletries and other supplies, as necessary. All other expenses are covered.
  • Unnecessary expenses during the trip:  We also make frequent stops, of course, at gas stations/convenience stores. Students can spend a lot of money over the 8 weeks buying drinks and snacks during these stops.  We provide plenty of healthy food each day, so these extras are not necessary.  There are also many, many opportunities to buy souvenirs from the places we visit. Restraint and careful selection of purchases is key to keeping unnecessary trip expenses low.

Cost Comparison

The IFP can cost even less than a semester on campus.  See a comparison chart below, based on typical UGA cost of attendance for a Georgia resident. HOPE and Zell Miller scholarships apply to IFP tuition the same as a regular semester on campus.

ExpenseIFP SemesterSemester on Campus
IFP Program Fee$4,500n/a
UGA Fees$548$1,133
Books & Supplies$0*$493
Living Expenses$250**$1,185
*All covered by the IFP Program Fee. There are no textbooks to buy for the IFP.
**IFP living expenses include the necessary expenses during the trip: meals for about 7 days off in town and replacing toiletries as needed. Not included are pre-trip expenses to acquire gear and clothing. Outfitting yourself can be done inexpensively by borrowing gear or buying used. See above for these expenses outlined, and see our list of required and recommended gear.

Dates & Deadlines

Please be sure to read our payment and refund policy before you pay any fees to join the IFP! You will pay the program fee and tuition through your UGA student account.

Dec 1, 2017Application deadline for December admission
(If accepted, pay $500 deposit Feb. 1 to reserve your spot)
Feb 1, 2018Application deadline for February admission
(If accepted, pay $500 deposit Mar. 1 to reserve your spot)
Mar 1, 2018Final application deadline
Mar 16, 2018Final deadline to pay $500 program fee deposit
Apr 7, 2018IFP Orientation Picnic
May 15, 2018Deadline to register for summer semester classes and pay the $4000 program fee balance
(unless you are entering UGA as a first-year student in the Fall)**
Jun 3, 2018IFP 2018 begins!
*Non-UGA students: our deadline for you to apply as a transient (guest) student is earlier than required by UGA Admissions. This is so you can sign up for classes by our May 15 deadline (see next note). If you are planning to transfer to UGA as a degree-seeking student the deadline is actually earlier on March 1. See UGA Admissions for more information.
**If Summer is to be your first semester matriculating as a degree-seeking student at UGA, you must attend orientation and meet with an academic advisor before you can register for classes and pay tuition. In that case, our May 15 deadline does not apply to you. Be sure you are signed up for an orientation session to be held before the IFP trip starts!