The UGA IFP – It’s a Camping Trip!

Do you love being outside? So do we!

We have structured an entire eight-week semester in which you can live the outdoor lifestyle: go to class, study, eat, sleep, and play in the great outdoors!

If you like this idea but are a little intimidated, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. IFP staff can help you choose your gear and learn how to use it properly. All you need is a good 2-person tent, sleeping bag, and sleeping pad. An overnight backpack is not necessary, since we always camp near our vehicles on the IFP. You don’t need to worry about any cooking equipment – just bring a mess kit. The IFP staff includes two cooks who do all the food shopping, prepare meals, and can accommodate special dietary needs. (During the trip students rotate in and out of kitchen duty to assist the cooks.)

Ten X Tusayan

Kaibab National Forest just south of the Grand Canyon (photo credit Jennifer Stewart IFP 2013)

Be sure to check out our current summer itinerary of gorgeous campsites. We camp out in the forests, deserts, mountains, and plains of 15 different U.S. states! Also, see our complete list of required and recommended gear for the trip. And remember, we’re always here to answer questions.

Summer semester – sleep under a blanket of stars and rise with the sun.

The UGA IFP – it’s In Tents!

IMG_6097 cropped

Camping in the Gallatin Mtns near Bozeman, MT (photo credit WIll Bullard IFP 2012)