The UGA IFP – It’s the Ultimate Field Trip!

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Snake River sampling closeup cropped

IFP students sampling invertebrates in a Snake River tributary near Grand Teton National Park (photo credit Julie Cox, IFP 2007)

Study Geology, Anthropology, and Ecology in over 20 national parks and monuments!

Knock out a semester of core curriculum requirements in a single summer while traveling, camping, and hiking across America!

The UGA IFP is an eight-week program that travels throughout the Western U.S. during summer semester. We offer 15 credit hours in Geology, Anthropology, Ecology, English (Creative Writing), and Physical Education (see our course credit options for details), taught hands-on in a mobile, outdoor classroom.

We teach all our courses as integrated and interdependent, creating a holistic exploration of North American landscapes and environments, past and present. Our students learn to make big picture connections among the basic sciences, land-use decisions, and environmental issues. 

In Summer 2015 we also added a Creative Writing class to the IFP. Throughout the program, students developed writing and photography skills to document the trip. Check out their incredible work on Medium! We will continue to offer this course during IFP 2016.

We’ve found that the students who get the most out of our program are enthusiastic and open to discovering new ways of thinking, learning, and connecting ideas. If you love being outdoors, are curious about the natural world, and are ready to give up air-conditioned auditoriums and PowerPoint lectures for a hands-on education in America’s most treasured scenic areas, then the IFP is for you!

We have a proud history over 25 years long of providing students a rigorous academic experience coupled with the fun and adventure of group travel and outdoor recreation.

For more information and important details about the program, please read through our website and don’t hesitate to contact us with questions. We’d love to hear from you!

Let us show you the wonders of the American West!